Information and application Young Talent Incentive Awards 2021

We are delighted that this year once again we have found businesses, foundations, funds and societies willing to make available the Holland Society Young Talent Awards.

We kindly invite you, the exam board concerned or any other competent authority, to nominate with the attached form, a first-year student who has achieved the best grades in the current academic year 2020/21. After consulting the sponsors, 56 higher education institutions have been designated that can apply for an Incentive Award in the field of science and technology. Your institution is one of them. The nominations are assessed by representatives of the Holland Society. The closing date for nominations is 16 September 2021. You can nominate a student by using the form below.

For the benefit of your field of science, the prize winner and these Incentive Awards, we look forward to receiving your nomination in the near future.


Application Form Incentive Awards 2021

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    Mathematics and technical mathematicsPhysics and technical physicsChemistryInformatics and technical informaticsTechnology for Healthcare Solutions (for students Biomedical Technology)Chemical EngineeringMechanical Engineering and Materials ScienceCivil and Marine EngineeringAerospacePharmacy or (bio)pharmaceutical sciencesBiology




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